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Commercial Commissions

Amber Warren is well known for her work installed throughout corporate offices around the United States and Europe. She has completed major installations for not only corporate offices but also retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public health centers. 

The artist's work varies dramatically in scale and medium. A compilations of 10 separate works create a 20-foot-long installation and represent the flow of pouring red hot metal for a corporate headquarters in the steel industry while 36 works create the impression of a garden inspired by the botanical gardens in Paris for a children’s hospital.

Amber Warren, an artist who is constantly honing her skill set and exploring new possibilities within a range of mediums, thrives on the collaboration with her clients and designers to develop and bring a vision to life.

Amber Warren Art Commission Installation.jpg

Private commissions

Alike Warren’s commercial commissions, the artist relishes the opportunity to create something new that directly relates to her clients. The artist’s willingness to explore uncharted territory within her mediums to bring a client’s idea to life results in unique site-specific works. Her goal is to create a work that expresses the individual vision of every client.